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Business Property Insurance

Business Property Insurance In Indiana

More than 20 types of commercial insurance form the phrase business insurance. One of the most commonly purchased policies by Indiana businesses, business property insurance, protects you from the financial loss of product or equipment in the event of a named peril or theft.

A business property policy protects from loss in many ways. If you had inventory stored in a warehouse, for instance, and a thief stole from you, rather than paying out of pocket to replace the stolen inventory, your business property policy would reimburse you for the loss. The same is true if they break into your store. The policy typically includes payment for damage the thief caused while breaking into the building.

A business property policy also protects your inventory and equipment – any physical business assets – in the case of a named peril, such as fire or tornado. The term named-peril refers to an event type named explicitly in the insurance policy documents that the policy covers. Typically, named perils include fire, tornado, earthquake, smoke or water damage, pipe bursts, severe weather damage, explosions, hail, snow or ice storms, etc.

Your business property insurance works with other commercial insurance coverage to protect your financial investment in your business. Without it, you’d have to pay out of pocket to replace damaged equipment, inventory losses, and the damage from theft. You can add business property insurance to your BOP or business liability as part of a custom insurance package. Putting this type of policy in your commercial bundle saves you money down the line if you run a business that includes product inventory.

You can protect your business’s financial future for just a few dollars each month. Contact American Business Insurance serving the state of Indiana for more information on how to protect your financial security from business property loss. Let us help you obtain the business property insurance you need for your commercial venture.

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