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One way that many people try to cut costs is by reducing or eliminating their insurance. While some insurance policies are optional, others are not and you must have minimum amounts of coverage to comply with the laws and regulations. Auto insurance and homeowners insurance are two policies that are required; one by the state of Indiana and the other by your mortgage company. If you're found to be without the necessary car insurance minimums, you could face fines, suspension of your license or jail time. Your mortgage lender might also impose penalties for failing to protect your home and property. Besides avoiding fines, having insurance means that you're mitigating risk that comes with car and home ownership; you never know when you'll be vandalized or when a storm or fire will damage or destroy your property.

The best way to find affordable insurance is to do an online comparison of different policies. The ISU American Business Insurance website offers an easy-to-use tool that gives you quotes from top insurance companies in the nation. From there, you can look at each policy to review the contents and compare them to the others. You should never base your purchasing decisions on price alone; a lower price may mean less coverage. This whole process takes a couple of hours, but the end result usually means that you save hundreds of dollars a year and have excellent insurance coverage.

When you're ready to find a new home or car insurance policy, contact us at ISU American Business Insurance. As an independent agency serving Greenwood, Indiana, and surrounding communities such as Franklin and Indianapolis, our friendly and experienced agents are ready to help. Whether you need help choosing between policies or understanding their contents, give us a call today!

The Facts about Indiana Auto Insurance

As an Indiana driver, it is absolutely critical to learn and understand the facts about your state specific auto insurance requirements. For instance, drivers in the Greenwood, Indiana area and elsewhere in the state are required by law to purchase auto insurance. The penalties for driving an uninsured vehicle in Indiana start with a small fine for a first offense, with subsequent offenses resulting in higher fines and the potential of a license suspension.

The Facts about Indiana Home Insurance

Purchasing a homeowners insurance policy in Greenwood, Indiana, and the surrounding Franklin/Indianapolis areas can provide a variety of benefits, including your peace of mind. Although every insurance company is different and the best policy for your financial situation and property can vary, it is possible to narrow down your choices with the help of an independent agency like ISU American Business Insurance.

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